Hypnotherapy and Somatic Therapy | Holistic Healing

Hypnotherapy for mothers

You will heal from the birth trauma and generational trauma you have experienced.

Available in-person or virtually


It's time to heal. In the holistic healing sessions, you will find your powerful inner resources to reach healing profoundly.


Your healing matters.

Hypnotherapy uses elevated awareness to turn your attention entirely inward, in your subconscious, and reach deep inside your natural resources.


The truth is that you have absolutely everything you need to overcome your trauma. As a Hypnotherapist, I'm simply the guide that helps you find these.


Hypnotherapy helps you achieve what you want and free yourself from birth and generational trauma. And research shows that hypnotherapy produces good results in less time than other traditional forms of therapy.

The combined therapy of Hypnotherapy and Somatic Experiencing gives you the strength of your inner resources and the ability to release what no longer serves you.


Can you tell me more about Transpersonal Hypnotherapy?

Discussing Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is my favorite topic. So, if after reading this page, you have more questions, please contact me.


There is more than one way to practice Hypnotherapy. You may have heard of some of these: Time-Line, Regression, Past Life, Cognitive, etc.


I practice a specific form of hypnotherapy called Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, which approaches healing in a multi-dimensional.


Transpersonal Hypnotherapy uses more than one of the ways to practice Hypnotherapy. Through Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, I have a mix of modalities to achieve deep healing.


Transpersonal Hypnotherapy uses a mix of hypnotherapy modalities:


  • inner resources
  • therapeutic guided imaginary
  • past life regression
  • retrieval work
  • somatic work
  • spiritual hypnotherapy
  • shadow work
  • muscle testing
  • circle integration
  • inner child healing


Using my keen intuition, I will customize your healing session to include one or more of these to achieve what your mind, body, and spirit want.


It's an exciting journey, and I look forward to having you experience your transformation through hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy and Somatic Sessions to Heal Birth Trauma and Generational Trauma


Hypnotherapy and Somatic Therapy are beneficial for:

  • Women's Issues
  • Postpartum Wellness
  • Postpartum Blues
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Preconception
  • Pain management
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Perimenopause and Menopause
  • Body image
  • Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Career changes
  • Life transitions
  • Reaching goals
  • Gaining clarity
  • Clearing blocks
  • Fears
  • Stress
  • Childhood trauma
  • Birth trauma
  • Sleep
  • Teen  (ages 16+ years old)


Many of the issues that we experience as mothers comes from birth trauma or generational trauma. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy offers a path to healing.



My Experience with Hypnotherapy

One thing to know about me is that I grew up with the spirit world. My mother practiced Santeria (African origin religion with Caribbean influence). As a child, I was surrounded by spiritual healers and energy workers. It was a world that was magical and healing. I found it fascinating.


So, naturally, when I seek healers for myself, I instinctually gravitate to spirit-focused. I consider myself not religious but spiritual.


A few years ago, I went through a significant shift that brought to light the birth trauma and generational trauma I had experienced in my life.


I began a journey of deep transformational healing. And I worked with various healers. But it was the hypnotherapy that finally made a breakthrough for me.


Having experienced the power of hypnotherapy, I knew that it was a modality that is needed for those in pregnancy and motherhood. I aligned myself with what Spirit called me to do and it led to Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. It felt like home.


My modalities also include crystal healing, plant-medicine, and energy work.


When you work with me, you experience full-spectrum healing. As a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Perinatal Mental Health Specialist with 15 years of experience, I work with individuals and couples through various shifts in life.

Happy woman


What happens during a Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Session with me?

Always remember that you are in full control during hypnosis. As your Hypnotherapist, I am your guide.


Your initial session begins with active listening. I spend time to learn more about you, your goals, what you desire in healing or shifts are, and to connect with you. (I love this part of our session because I get to learn about you.)


I use intuitive healing, so it's during this time that I use my strong intuition to connect with your spirit and develop the best way to reach what you want to achieve.


Once you get the time you need to tell me your wants and desires, I then present to you what I feel is the best approach to get what you want (this will almost always include a mix of the modalities and energy work that I provide during our session).


And then the magic of you begins. The healing session began when you arrived (by you making this intention in coming), but this is when we move for ward with energy work and hypnosis.


After our session, we have a cognitive discussion, and you may receive "homework" to continue your healing. As we close our session, we also make another appointment if you'd like to continue hypnotherapy with me.



The investment towards your healing and breakthrough is $225 for the first session and $150 for subsequent sessions. The first session is 1 1/2 - 2 hours, and subsequent sessions are 1 - 1 /2 hours.


You'll experience a shift during your first session, and most clients will need 4- 6 sessions for complete healing. And just as you would see your health care team regularly, many clients continue to schedule sessions for their ongoing spiritual growth and transformation.