I first started my holistic work in 2006, when I owned my natural living store, Granola Babies. Granola Babies' mission was to leave a smaller footprint by providing parents with sustainable, eco-friendly products for their children. And in 2017, I closed Granola Babies to exclusive provide education and coaching in pregnancy, postpartum and throughout motherhood.


My mission is to help mothers experience an intentional, embodied pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood.


Both my passion of natural living and intuitive mothering merge into this website.


GiselleBaumet.com is a reader-supported blog and small business.


I remember reading blogs years ago and not knowing what they meant by "affiliate links." So, I'll explain if, like me, you aren't aware of what that means.

I am part of a select group of affiliate programs, including Amazon Associates. When you buy through links on this site, I may earn a small commission. I'm careful to only link to products that I recommend and support.


There are also ads on this site. And those are selected by the affiliate network I belong to, which is SheMedia. I choose SheMedia because it focuses on small businesses like me and, in particular, women.


When you click on an affiliate link or an ad on this does and purchase a product, it doesn't cost you anything extra when you do so. But, I am thankful you did so because you help support the continuing of resources and articles geared at helping mothers experience and intentional and embodied pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood.


My work comes from these values and in supporting mothers to live by their unique values and mission.


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