Parent Coaching (1-on-1 Coaching)

Parent coaching 

Learn how to parent stress-free and with more connection.


Parenting with Connection is a unique Parent Coaching Program created by Giselle Baumet. The outcome is your empowered ability to parent your children in calmness, confidence, and connection as you raise good human beings.


What is Parent Coaching? 

Parent coaching is working with a parenting expert to receive parenting tools, knowledge, and solutions to raise good human beings. 


Through parent coaching, you, as the parent, gain the confidence and ability to parent effectively through negative behaviors and parenting challenges calmly and with connection to your child. 

With every conversation, Giselle listens and offers effective and practical advice, tailoring packages to suit the needs of the family. She really went above and beyond to help us, and we are forever grateful for her patience and expertise. She is a wealth of knowledge. - Lauren L via Yelp

Parenting with connection means using warm, authoritative, non-violent parenting solutions to teach your child long-term social and life skills and increase their sense of connection, confidence, and self-esteem.


The evidence-based benefits (which most parents want!) of positive parenting include:


  • Increased motivation among children
  • Better transition into schooling
  • Increased psychosocial functioning in teens
  • Higher self-esteem and competence for both parents and children
  • Better social and cognitive development ( spanning from toddlerhood through adolescence years)
  • A stronger sense of connection and attachment in toddlers
  • The decrease in problematic behaviors
  • Improved family communication, cohesiveness, and connection
  • Increased self-regulation among children
  • Increased resilience in children


Research shows that positive parenting has a long-term positive impact on children.


A new study that looks at data on three generations of Oregon families shows that "positive parenting" - including factors such as warmth, monitoring children's activities, involvement, and consistency of discipline - not only has positive impacts on adolescents, but on the way they parent their own children. - Source Oregon State University


You will learn about yourself, your child, gain new parenting tools and solutions, and parent with confidence.

Through a more mindful approach to parenting, you learn tools for parenting effectively, with connection to your child, without resorting to punitive techniques.


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positive parenting 

Through 1-on-1 parent coaching, you will learn:

  • The importance of secure attachment during parenting
  • How to raise a resilient child 
  • How to teach your child positive behavior while keeping a positive connection
  • Ways to foster effective communication 
  • How to set healthy parental boundaries 
  • A variety of proven-parenting tools
  • How to build confidence in your children without pampering
  • How to handle big emotions and disappointments
  • The effective way to gain your child's cooperation
  • How to validate and learn the belief behind the behavior
  • The reason behind (and what to do about) negative behaviors
  • Setting up family rules and routines that work
  • How to create healthy communication between you and your child
  • Building trust between parent and child
  • How to set up consequences that make sense and are effective
  • Parent-care: how to increase your emotional wellness 
  • How to raise your self-awareness in learned behaviors and patterns as parents


You will go deeply into your child's mind, as well as explore your own parenting beliefs (usually learned as children) that prevent us from being the parents we want to be.

Our work together takes place happens live via Zoom (from the comfort of your own home!)


You'll learn how to enjoy parenting your child using mindful and positive parenting techniques that work. The coaching includes experimental activities and discussions that target common parenting challenges and give you real and effective parenting tools you can use right away for a more rewarding parenting experience with your child.


No more feeling like you don't know what to do as a parent.


First, let me assure you, this is a normal feeling. And you're a great parent, despite that it feels you don't know how to handle parenting challenges. Parenting is hard work. I'm here to equip you with more parenting tools and solutions, working with you holistically to make sure that our work together results in long-term harmony, calm, and confidence in your parenting. 


About Giselle Baumet

Giselle Baumet Positive Parenting Coach


I'm Giselle Baumet, Positive Parenting Expert, Perinatal Mental Health Specialist, and mother of four children.  


If you've ever been frustrated in how you're parenting, wishing you knew how to parent a little better, or wondering if you're parenting the right way, I can 100% relate with you.


Though for the last 10+ years my work is coaching parents, I very much remember when my first child turned two and finding myself with very little parenting tools to use. Like many parents, I felt a bit lost in which parenting style was going to be best for her and myself.


I began heavily researching various parenting styles to find one that aligned in mutual respect between parent and child, in the parent being a mentor and guide, and gave me real parenting tools I could use daily.  


And it was Positive Parenting, Non-Violent Communication, and Playful Parenting that helped me in raising good human beings while enjoying parenting and creating healthy boundaries. Through our one-on-one parent coaching, you will parent from a place of confidence, and calmness through effective parenting solutions.


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