Positive Parenting through the Holidays (Free Class)

Positive parenting through the holiday season free class

In a busy world of MORE, how do we teach our kids gratitude through the value of simplicity?


Learn what a simplified holiday season is, how to add magic to the holiday season, and how to parent with positive parenting through the holidays in peacefulness, gratitude, and positivity.


You'll have access to the class until December 31, 2020. Self-paced, watch this online class at any time and from anywhere!


Taught by Positive Parenting & Mindset Coach, Giselle Baumet


You'll learn WHY simplicity is important in positive parenting, how to implement positive parenting skills throughout the holidays (especially during a pandemic!), how to create calm, and peace in your home during the holiday season.


"When I was a child, I knew holidays as magical and simple. I lived in simplicity on an island and my siblings and our friends understood gratitude. I believe we did because our parents kept our holidays magical and simple, with positivity. I will show you how."