10+ Best Toys For Your Minimalist Playroom

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Toys for kids


When I owned the largest children’s eco-friendly store in Southern California, I always told families, “Buy quality, over quantity.” And I still stand by that. For natural kids, you want the best quality toys and to keep a line on the quantity. Keep reading to learn why.



Research shows that a child’s imagination and creativity increases when they have fewer toys. And when you’re buying fewer toys, you want the toys you do buy to be quality, grow with the child, and appeal in beauty to their eyes (and yours!).


I have four children, and you would think this would require a lot of toys. But knowing what I know about the value of quality and limiting the number of toys, I consciously chose toys for my children that allowed them to use their imagination freely without overwhelming that can result when a child has too many toys options.


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My children’s ability to play creatively with their toys blew my mind. They made elaborate creations with play silks and wooden animals. They played make-believe with costumes and silks.


There's Beauty in a Natural Minimalist Playroom


When my children were little, my living room didn’t look like a playroom, either (something I see in many homes).


Their toys storage were lovely hand-woven baskets. And I only purchased beautiful toys because children appreciate beauty just as much as we do.


I did not fill my house with plastic toys that took over our home. I curated a hand-selected number of toys that were made to enhance their development and nurture their imaginations.


With that in mind is how I came up with this list of best toys for natural kids. You’ll notice in this list that all of the toys are ones that grow with your child.


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10+ Must-Have Toys for Natural Kids 


Montessori Toys

Lovevery Montessori Toys

Lovevery has a lovely fun selection of Montessori-inspired toys. I am particularly fond of Montessori toys since they bring the world to your child.


Montessori toys are made to help nurture your child’s development. They are primarily made of wood, teach your child developmental skills, and create toys that are used with your child’s development.


Through Lovevery you can sign up for a subscription, which honestly makes buying toys a lot easier. But, you’re also able to purchase the toys individually as you wish. 

Kids crafts for kids

We Craft Box

I love two craft box subscription boxes, and one of them is We Craft Box. 


These are awesome during a pandemic when you’re trying to avoid having to go to stores and purchase items for crafts. Instead, We Craft Box delivers a different craft to your door every single month.


This is when you can have so much fun by letting your child be the one to open the box and go through the craft, with your help (if needed) or a sibling.


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With each box you get 2-3 crafts and materials for two children. Subscription boxes are popular for all ages. Chances are you probably have a subscription of some sort. Now, your child can have their own. 


One thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way to do a craft. There are instructions for each craft, but your little creative child may do the craft differently.  What matters is the time spent in creative activity, family time, and engagement, more than how the craft came out.

Green kids crafts

Green Kids Craft

Another craft subscription box for kids I hold near and dear to my heart is Green Kid Crafts.


Green Kid Crafts is empowering the next generation of environmental leaders using creative, nature-based STEAM activities.


Each Green Kid Crafts box is specially designed to help children exercise creativity, develop a love of discovery, and learn about the world around them.


Developed by teachers, crafty moms, and STEAM experts (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), the kits celebrate creativity with craft projects. They activate thinking, questioning, inquiring, and original creation as we guide children through fun science experiments.


Natural kids for toys

Honey Bug

I love, love, love Honey Bug toys. It reminds me of the store I had, Granola Babies. Lots of the brands I carried are available at Honey Bug

(By the way, Honey Bug makes shopping for a new baby super easy with their gift boxes for new babies, so check those out as well).


I could probably do an entire article on the various toys at Honey Bug. Some of my favorites for creative play are wooden blocks, natural toys, and wooden animals.



Strider pedal-less bike

Strider Bikes

No more tricycles. Instead, opt for a pedal-less Strider Bike for your natural kid. I got one for each of my kids when they were around 15 - 18 mos.


By the time they were two years old, they could zoom in and out, wherever they wanted to go with their Strider Bikes.


And these bikes take a beating! I was able to pass on the bike from one child to another.


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The cool thing about using a pedal-less bike instead of a tricycle is that your child learns the ability to balance.


So, by the time you’re ready to upgrade to a big kid bike, your child can lose the trainer wheels of her new bike in a day or two. 

Balance boards for kids

Balance Boards

As simple as a balance board looks, it’s a versatile toy.


First, it does help a child to learn balance. But, the child can also determine how they want to play with their ability to balance.


My kids used their boards to sway in balance and turn them and create tunnels and landscapes with their other toys.


My kids also used their balance board to recline in and to slide.

Dress up clothing for kids 

Little Adventures


You can find costumes that are fun for a few days and then start to fall apart. But Little Adventures pays close attention to the construction of every single costume.


These were by far the most long lasting costumes I ever got my kids.


Whatever your child is currently interested in, you’ll find a children's costume to go along with his creative make-believe play.


I recommend getting three costumes and letting your child use these as they wish. A costume is created using pieces of other ensembles as well. 


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You set the guidelines for how your child will see the world and the level of tolerance your child grows to have. Be mindful not to bring sexism into make-believe play. Allow your child to pick their costume without saying things like, “That’s for girls, that’s for boys…” which only result in your child having close-minded moral opinions on sexuality.


Kids silk

Sarah’s Silks Playsilks


Oh, how I love playsilks! Such simple, magical toys, but yet so many different ways to play with it.


I gift playsilks to babies just as much as I would give them to an older child.


Sarah's Playsilks are versatile toys. For babies, you can use them to hide and seek games, as well as sensory play.


The toddler begins using their playsilks for creative, imaginative play that includes superhero capes and other dress-up play.


Preschoolers and older children use them to create landscapes while playing, dress up, and beautify their play areas.

I recommend getting one in each primary color as a starting point.



Organic dolls

Under the Nile Organic Dolls

Your natural child’s first doll can be 100% organic with the Under the Nile Organic Dolls.


The organic dolls are made entirely of cloth and in a very cool way. Under the Nile uses its bits and pieces of organic material to create every single doll as a way to reuse left over materials from their organic clothing and toys. So, they are green-friendly too!


So, in summary...

Remember that it's better to have less toys that are high quality. Instead of an overwhelming playroom, the research shows that a minimalist playroom is better for the child's imagination and creativity.


With this list of natural toys, you'll have a beautiful playroom that you and your child will enjoy.


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With kindness,
Giselle Baumet

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