Is it Ok to Swaddle My Baby While Baby Wearing?

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 Swaddling safety 

You got a new carrier, yay! But, your baby doesn't seem to fit in it snuggly enough. Should you use a swaddle or receiving blanket to help with the fit of the baby carrier?

Parents are sometimes wrongly advised by well meaning friends to wrap baby in a blanket and then put them in a baby carrier. At times the reason is the baby carrier the parent has doesn’t fit the baby well and so in order to make it work, you need to wrap the baby in a receiving blanket first and then put baby in the carrier.



Why is this so bad?

Swaddling and especially swaddling while in a baby carrier has the risk of overheating baby. 

Parents should always be watchful of overheating signs such as:

  • overheating
  • rapid breathing
  • heat rash
  • damp hair
  • flushed complexion

Swaddle Risk of Overheating + Baby Carrier = Risk

Even without baby wearing, there's a risk of over heating when swaddling a baby. Now, add to that a baby carrier and you've increased the risk. There’s the heat of your body (at least 98.6F), plus the heat caused by the baby carrier and then in addition to this heat baby is wrapped in a blanket. Sometimes in winter months, baby is even covered by a coat. All of this heat done for long periods can be harmful for baby. 



If You Need to Use a Swaddle with Your Baby Carrier, You Have the Wrong Baby Carrier for Your Baby

If you have a baby carrier that you need to swaddle baby to use, then it’s not the right carrier for your baby. You know you have the right baby carrier when it fits your baby without additions, when it fits you comfortably and when it places baby safely in an upright position. Learn more about Baby Carriers options.


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