Parents Guide to Baby Carriers

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Baby carriers are comfortable, help soothe baby and convenient.

So, you’ve decided you want to babywear, but when you begin looking for a carrier, you are overwhelmed by the many type of baby carriers there are. What’s a wrap? What is a buckle carrier? What’s the difference between a pouch and a ring sling? All these questions and more become so much clearer once you know the basic carrier types.


Learn the five basic baby carriers: woven wraps, stretchy wraps, ring slings,  mei tais and buckle carriers.

 Woven wraps

Woven Wrap

A woven wrap is different than a stretchy wrap. It's a long piece of non-stretchy, woven fabric used to carry a child in various positions, including hip carry, back and front carry. It’s often chosen for its versatility, as well as support and weight distribution on the wearer.

The lengths vary from short to long and choosing the length for you is determined by your body size and the carries you’d like to do with the wrap. A woven wrap is the most versatile baby carrier and it can be used fro newborn through toddler hood.


Stretchy Wrap

Stretchy wraps (like this one here) are a long piece of fabric (usually comes in one size fits most) that, unlike woven wraps, has stretch to it. It’s similar to t-shirt material and is often used with newborns and young babies.

It is used mostly as a front carrier and while there may be instructions on using it as a back carrier, it is not recommended, as there’s not enough support in the stretchy fabric to do a back carry safely.


Stretchy wraps are a favorite for newborn babies and can be used through toddlerhood if wrapped tightly.

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Ring Slings

Ring Slings

Ring slings (like this one here) are one shoulder slings made of a long piece of fabric that is attached to a pair of rings. It is adjustable and can be worn by multiple care givers. Ring slings can be used from newborn stage through toddlerhood. For newborns, these work well in either a cradle style carry (for breastfeeding) or upright (recommended).


Ring slings are particular great during the stage when a child wants up and down often, because it’s easy and quick to put on/take out a child as needed. Ring slings can be used as a front carrier and also hip carrier. The tail of a ring sling comes in very handy as a burb cloth, a nursing cover and a sun protection cover for child.


Mei tai baby carrier

Mei Tais

Mei tais are Asian-inspired carriers that consist of a rectangular (sometimes square) body and has four straps attached – shoulder and waist straps. It is used as a hip, front and back carrier and provides two shoulder support.


Mei tais can be used from newborn stage through toddlerhood. Mei tais with headrest gives the head support needed by newborns and also for toddlers who fall asleep in carriers.

The learning curve of a mei tai is shorter than using woven wraps and mei tais provide similar support and comfort. Because it is easy to adjust (just tie as tight as needed for your shape), it is a good choice when used by more than one caregiver.

Buckle Carriers

Buckle carriers (like this one here) are soft structured carriers inspired by mei tais but with side release buckle closures. They have a main supportive panel, padded shoulder straps and can be used on the front, hip and back.


These are easy to learn to use, since you simply just buckle on, adjust and go!


Now that you know the basic baby carriers, you can narrow down which one would work for your particular baby carrier needs. And if you're local, I'd love to help you choose and use your baby carrier ~ reach out anytime!


With kindness,
Giselle Baumet

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