Your Step-By-Step Guide to Making and Keeping Resolutions

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A new kind of new year resolution

For over 4,000 years (starting with the Babylonians), humans have been making resolutions. And for over 4,000 years, a lot of humans have beaten themselves up when they weren’t able to succeed at their New Year’s resolution(s). A recent study showed that around 46% of Americans make resolutions at the beginning of the year and by 6 months, only 6% of them have kept to their resolution.

Blah. That’s not very motivating right?

So are resolutions worth it? Yes! Absolutely still YES! 

Keep reading to learn how to make a resolutions that can change your life and what to do so that you keep them all year long.

You can make resolutions any time of the year. And keep them too!

Making resolutions, whether it’s a beginning of a year or the beginning of a new month is a sign of hope and can be a healthy challenge to reach a goal. When you make a resolution, you’ve given yourself the motivation to better yourself, to have a fresh start, and you’ve shown proof that you believe in yourself. 


Most people make resolutions about physical health, but very few people make resolutions about their psychological wellness. Yet our mind has so much to do with our physical health, as well as our emotional well-being, especially as mothers. 

Try one of these resolutions to better your mind and emotional wellness as a mother.

Do Something You Love

Find your happy (here are more ways to do this). What activity makes you happy when you do it. What fulfills you and makes you smile. What makes you feel energized, yet still at peace? That. Do that


Do Daily Check-Ins with Yourself

Do this every day. Ask yourself questions that help you see where you are mentally, and if needed shift your mindset to one that benefits you in a positive way.  


What am I feeling right now?

Why am I feeling this way?Is the reason true?

How do I want to feel right now?

What would make me feel the way I want to feel?

What step will I take today to help me feel the way I want to feel?


Practice Meditation

Mothers can practice meditation in all phases of their lives, in all places and at all times. A lot of time people don’t put time into meditation because they feel it will take too much time. And who has time when you’re a mom? 

Meditation works. It reduces stress, anxiety and makes you happier. The reality is that you can do meditation in just five minutes. Here’s a simple meditation for you to try.

Focus on your breathing, taking oxygen in from your nose, filling your belly with air until it rises, and then slowly letting it out from your mouth. Focusing on the feel of your breathing, the sound of your breathing, the sound of you exhaling, the air as it fills your lungs and passes through your body. Focus on this.

As you begin to receive this powerful increase of oxygen into your body, imagine it filling your body one limb at a time. Each breath you take begins to fill your arms with oxygen, the next breath moves the air further down your arm and into your hand, the next air fills your fingers. Then move on to your other arm, as you breath in, you’re filling powerful oxygen into your arm, exhale, and then next breathe fills your hand, then your fingers. The air moves now down your torso, fill your chest, down to your belly, into your womb, into your pelvis, and down one leg. Keep breathing, as you fill your thigh with air, down to your calves and into your foot. And as you breathe this way, you know you’re moving powerful oxygen into your body. Air that will complete you and fill you with goodness. Move on to your other leg and breath into your hips, the next breathe into your thighs and down your legs until each breath fill your entire leg. Now that you’re full of this powerful oxygen, breathe in more, until you feel that your entire body is radiating with this amazing healing oxygen. Slowly begin breathing at a normal pace and continue your day now full of power.


Practice each day. Some have also found it helpful to download guided meditations. Do what works for you and the more you do this, the easier it will become. You'll also find yourself becoming better at being the amazing you that you are.

Detox Your Beauty Routine

Voice Your Feelings

Be loud. Be heard. Even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if you don’t yet know what you feel. Let your thoughts be known to a friend you trust, to your partner or whoever else you feel you can speak to freely. Feelings held inside can turn into resentment. Freed feelings have a chance at being worked through and keep you moving forward.

Give Yourself Love

Love yourself as much as you love your child. Think of yourself as beautiful, as amazing, as magical and brilliant. The best thing that ever happened to you. Quiet the negative thoughts that tell you otherwise. They lie. Because you are simply amazing.


Fill yourself with positive words about you. Love on yourself. Be kind to yourself. You’ve only got one of you and the Universe/God/Divine wants to see you shine. Say it until you believe it...and don’t stop.

Seek Help 

Very few people can go through life, through motherhood, alone. I know I could not. As humans, we need the support and assistance of others. Find it, seek it, get it. This could be at your church, your community, your mothering group, a therapist, your doctor, or a postpartum wellness healer. Seek the help you need.

Now Here's How You Can Keep Your Resolution All Year Long

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1. Let’s Get Real

Set yourself up for success by choosing resolutions that are within your reach. 


2. Break It Down 

Rather than one big resolution goal, break it down into attainable steps you can reach throughout the year.


3. Choose ONE Resolution

Make the beginning of a new year a time to evaluate what matters most to you and choose the most important resolution to work towards achieving in the New Year. 


4. Celebrate Your Progress

Celebrate your successes! Both the big and the small successes are worth acknowledgement in a way that keeps you motivated to continue.

Gather support 

5. Gather Support

Ask a friend or two to be your resolution accountability buddies. Get the support of your friends or partner who believe in you and keep you motivated.


6. Talk About It… A Lot 

Get excited about your resolution. Talk about it... A lot. Tell your best friend, your online community, your partner, your family. Keep it fresh and in your mind by discussing it with others frequently.

7. Visualize Your Goals

For some, visualizing your goals may be literally writing them down and pasting notes for yourself at home or creating a vision board that you keep at the office or at home. For others, it may be daily meditation intertwined with visualization that helps you stay forward thinking. 


8. Be Gentle with Yourself

At the end of the day, by making a resolution, you’ve already achieved something amazing. You believed in yourself. But you have to remember, you’re human, and you’ll make mistakes. And when that happens, remember to be gentle with yourself and do not let it stop you from making progress. Take it as a learning opportunity, not as a quitting stage.


With kindness,
Giselle Baumet


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