Dads Get Less Sleep Than Mom During Postpartum

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Dads get less sleep

Is this for real?? Dads get LESS sleep?

It's actually true.

In studies, it's been shown that dads get less sleep than new moms. But, if you're a new mom, you may be wondering - WTH, how is that so?!


It's so. The reason being that most new moms can sleep better next or close to the baby, and they also tend to take one (or more) naps with the baby during postpartum (those early weeks of new motherhood).


And most dads are busy, trying to support and care for the new mom, but do not always get to take the same amount of naps (during those early weeks of new daddyhood). A lot of dads, don't sleep well if baby is near the bed (the sounds of baby, wakes him up).

So...technically, though not by dads get less sleep. But, it's not a competition. And honestly, I'd rather lose the Less Sleep Competition, if there was such a thing. I'd want to be the one that gets the most sleep. You win. Take the less sleep.


New parenting can be challenging for both moms and dads. The sleep challenge is just part of it, but the newness of everything (even if it's your first or fourth baby), the adjustment, the hormones, the "figuring it out" parts are what makes it all a little bit...extra.



Being a new parent doesn't have to be hard though.  The key is knowing how to make the transition easier after having a baby. There are resources available to make it a much easier and fun experience.


You have a new adorable baby, now let's add the many ways that you can also be cared for and pampered while adjusting to new parenthood.


Chores List for Family & Friends

Delegation is the name of the game! Before baby is born, delegate some of your to-do essentials to your family and friends. Aunt Mary loves to cook? Perfect, she gets the "Meal Train Facilitator" duty. Your sister is really good at multi-tasking and errands? Awesome, she gets to be your weekly errands girl for the next 2-3 weeks. Your mom can't stand when the house gets messy? Love it! She gets to come in weekly and organize your home while you feed the baby and get a good nap in. 


Get the picture? It works! And the best part is that your family and friends will get gratification from being the ones that are making your new parenting life easier. It's rewarding.


Be Ok with Imperfection

Listen, life is messy. And it isn't going to be perfect and bliss every day with a new baby. But, in the moments of imperfection are the best memories in the making though. I like to think that perfection is not just over-rated, but even a little bit boring. Messiness is where life is made. It's where we grow and become stronger through time and with those around us loving and supporting us. And there's always someone that's there to support you. Always.  


The best advice I can give you as an experienced mother is to lower your expectations. A day gone bad, a nap missed, a house messy, an hour spent crying...these things will happen. You're not alone and there are many others going through the same thing you are. There's comfort in knowing this. It's just that day, do you best and tomorrow, it'll be a little bit better.


And before you know'll have your groove back again. It still won't be perfect, but it'll be perfectly imperfect. 



Now, Gather Your Village

This is where I come in. Join the Fourth Trimester Mastermind for New Moms. I'm here to help. 


Being a new mom is one of the most rewarding things you'll get to do in your life. Let's figure out as many ways to enjoy this amazing journey of growing little humans...and being supported and cared for along the way. You've got this.


With kindness,
Giselle Baumet

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